Public and Human Rights Law

Frances is a leading human rights and public law advocate.  She has been counsel in several major test cases in recent years including in complex litigation with multiple plaintiffs for the Director of Proceedings, and also for the Human Rights Commission as well as groups such as Child Poverty Action Group and IHC, refugee applicants and other individuals.  Areas covered include health and disability, income tax, civil procedure, education, immigration and refugee, privacy, residential tenancy, domestic violence, social security and minimum wage legislation.

Independent Inquiries and Investigations

Undertakes investigations and advice to employers on allegations of sexual harassment, bullying and other personal grievances.

Conducts inquiries and prepares reports for private and public sector.

2018 Report to Chief of Air Force, New Zealand Defence Force, concerning allegations of historic bullying and sexual assault and review of contemporary procedures and recommendations for change.

General Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is anything that is not criminal or family law. Recent cases include contractual disputes in business, suing to recover losses following professional negligence or fraud; bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings; seeking orders under the Property Law Act, claims in equity relating to the sale of land, claims against trustees; claims for trespass to the person.